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Casinos Austria &
Österreichische Lotterien

Before Studio Lilum, Julia was part of the innovation management team at Casinos Austria & Österreichische Lotterien as digital content producer. Our ways have parted, but we still find opportunities to work together at times. In early 2019 the innovation management team provided us one of our biggest projects until then: their annual conference Innovation Day 2019. Based on our motion design we provided a complete visual solution, based on the conference’s branding in previous years. The project included close collaboration between us and the team at Casinos&Lotteries for several months. We created the visual design, website, branded opener on the day, presentation slides, posters and an event video showing the highlights of the day.

Innovation Day is always a worthwhile event that brings new knowledge and ideas. It was a great opportunity for us to be part of this inspiring day and to help shape it.

Lea, Alex und Julia @ Innovation Day

What we do:

Brand development, creative direction, graphic design, motion design, web design, sound design, video production, editing, colour correction

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