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Dr Dan’s Voice Essentials

As one day in 2017 Julia was editing a podcast for Video Creators, for a brief moment she thought she was back in Brisbane, where she spent many years before moving back to Austria. The podcast was a chat about maintaining a healthy voice between Dr Dan and Tim from Video Creators. Julia and Dr Dan eventually got in touch and shortly thereafter started working together. It started with a few design upgrades for the Voice Essentials channel. Eventually this led to a big rehaul of Dr Dan’s thumbnails and now we continue to work together on occasional designs and Dr Dan’s big videos every quarter.

We greatly enjoy working with YouTubers like Dan, because he always strives to create quality content for his viewers. Dan does this by offering effective exercises for singers paired with thorough research to explain how singers can better support their singing training and maintain a healthy voice. It’s a special challenge for us as well, finding efficient ways to visualise these concepts and provide an interesting viewing experience to Dr Dan’s audience. But at the end of the day we don’t just enjoy from a video production point of view, but also because we get to learn so many new things ourselves. Thanks right back to you, Dr Dan!

What we do:

Editing, colour correction, graphic design, illustration, motion design, creative direction, brand development

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