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Our work

Each of our clients has a unique mission and a story to tell. We spend every day growing together and we are proud to call ourselves creative partners of these YouTubers, businesses and organisations.

Video Creators

Mastering YouTube and changing lives: we support Video Creators in all things design and post production. YouTube is a platform that always grows and develops. We are here to keep learning, and to teach the Video Creators audience.


Helping researchers visualise their complex ideas is one of various tasks we fulfil for Griffith University. From Australian frog populations to IT security: there’s a fascinating story behind every field.

social media examiner

Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, TikTok: Where is it all going and what do we need to know? Social Media Examiner interviews experts and offers hands-on tutorials to teach the hows and whys of social media marketing.


Dr Dan teaches his audience how to sing and how exactly the human voice works, always offering his in-depth knowledge and newest research around the topic. We’ve been supporting Dr Dan in growing a successful YouTube channel.

Casinos Austria & Österreichische Lotterien

Our colleagues at the Casinos & Lotteries group don’t just know about innovation, they live innovation. Whenever possible we enjoy supporting them on the video side of things and get to learn something about the newest trends and ideas ourselves.

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