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Video production, editing and motion design. 

This is what we’re all about. 

Studio Lilum grew out of Julia’s freelance work and officially received its name in 2017. In 2018 Lea joined the party and the two of them have been serving piping hot homemade images together. Our expertise has become online video for social media, with a particular focus on YouTube, but experimentation and a passion to keep dabbling in new directions lie at the heart of what we do, so we’re always up for trying new things as well. 

If you were looking for price lists and standard procedures: sorry, you won’t find those here. The way we work is individual to your needs and we’d like to chat with you to learn more about your business and video project.

Each project is unique, so we offer custom solutions to each of our clients. This is why we have a number of happy people who choose to stick with us over the years.

We didn’t create one big showreel for you to view here because we don’t think it’s the best way to represent what we do. Instead we’d like to introduce you to a few of our favourite clients who were kind enough to let us share some of the work we have created together. So, feel free to browse and find out more about the services we offer and what kinds of projects we have done so far. 

And thanks for stopping by!

Julia Stefan
Media doctor

“You can get a PhD in that?” Yes, yes you can.

During a long season of university study, Julia ended up completing a doctoral degree in experimental online video editing techniques several years ago. Well that’s a mouthful, but anyway: she’s a nerd for new media, video editing and graphics. And it’s what put her on the path of founding Studio Lilum, so design and editing could happen all. Day. Long. Now Julia’s ten plus years of experience in various fields online media and content production help her to keep thinking outside the box and to find the right solutions for each project.

Lea Breitenberger
Editor extraordinaire

A fellow media technologist, Lea has spent many years learning about her passion in video production through her studies as well as various jobs, from assisting on professional television commercial shoots, to documenting live music sessions and editing for radio broadcasters. Lea’s eye for detail and her subtle sense of humour add special character to any video project. Lea never settles and dedicates her full attention to every project. Together Julia and Lea have been developing a distinct visual style, as well as a consistent and efficient process of working together.

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