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Social Media Examiner

Many things began to happen for us in 2019, as we continuously worked on expanding our business, and it was during this time that we got to know Mike and Mitch from Social Media Examiner, who are, among other things, running one of the top 10 social media marketing podcasts worldwide.

It’s been an exciting and challenging partnership which has pushed our skills and keeps inspiring us to try new ideas on an almost daily basis.
At present we are creating about two videos a week, including full editing, colour correction, motion and sound design, working on videos that highlight all things social media, from Instagram tutorials to illustrating pooping unicorns. Being involved in their new YouTube strategies from the very start we also helped to develop the channel’s YouTube branding and continue to work on the channel’s strategy together.

What we do:

Editing, colour correction, graphic design, illustration, motion design, creative direction, brand development, sound design, sound repair

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