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Griffith University

Simplifying complex ideas. This a fundamental aspect of our work with Griffith University. Our work revolves around supporting processes within the university and helping researchers to explain and promote their valuable work. Education and research is at the heart of what we do. We want to spread people’s great ideas and help audiences learn more. 

Julia was actually a part of Eva’s team way back in the day when she used to live in Brisbane (Australia) still. The work at Griffith was an essential experience and kickstarted her motion design skills. The two of them have always enjoyed a great dynamic working together, even on opposite sides of the globe.

Eva’s team continues to do their own editing and sound design. What we do is motion design and colour correction. This isn’t the kind of weekly work we do with our YouTubers, but Eva will let us know when new projects come up on the horizon and we scope together what we can do and when. Each video we work on may deal with completely different subjects, from IT security within the university to analyses of frog populations in Australia.

What we do, quick overview:

Concept design, motion design, colour correction

We do world-class research at Griffith. My team’s role is to help our researchers translate long and complicated scientific and technical documents into engaging visual stories that are digestible by non-experts and by the general public.

Julia’s contribution to our work is invaluable, working in partnership with me to create not only intelligent but imaginative visual pieces. Julia’s reliability, high-level of proactive problem solving, outstanding grasp of scientific and technical concepts enables me to produce products that are making an impact to my clients’ work and are ticking all the right boxes with their target audience. The fact that I’ve been working with Julia since 2011 is a good indication of how much I value her contribution to my team’s work.

Eva Czaran

Educational Media Producer, Griffith University

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